Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Under Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, mutual order-routing connectivity and related technical infrastructure (Trading Links) will be established to enable investors of their respective market to trade designated equity securities listed in the other's market.

Through the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, investors can:

  • Participate in growth of the most exciting emerging economy - China
  • Diversify investment portfolio with shares from China market as the program covers a wide range of SSE A shares
  • New opportunities to invest with RMB
  • No need to have an account on Mainland
  • HKEx subsidiaries are responsible for trading, clearing and settlement. All fund transfers are in Hong Kong


Opportunity for Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Clients may participate in Northbound Trading of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect through Taiping Securities (HK) by simply using client's existing trading account or open a new trading account. Margin financing service is also available to assist clients in seizing every potential opportunity.

More Information Regarding Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect
+Investor Education Video    |    +Risk disclosure and other information of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

Eligible Stocks

Index Constituent Stocks SSE 180 Index* and SSE 380 Index*
A+H Shares  All the SSE-listed A shares that are not included as constituent stocks of the relevant indices but which have corresponding H shares listed on SEHK* 
*  SSE-listed shares which are not traded in RMB


The Northbound Trading Rules

Participant All HK and overseas individual and institutional investors Quota Aggregate Quota: RMB300 billion
Daily Quota: RMB13 billion
Trading Hours Opening Call Auction: 09:15-09:25 Order Type Only limit orders will be accepted throughout the day(Brokerage level)
Continuous Auction: 09:30 – 11:30/13:00 – 15:00
SEHK will accept Northbound orders from EPs five minutes before the Mainland market session opens in the morning and in the afternoon
Settlement Cycle Stock settlement: T day Short Selling Prohibited
Cash settlement: T+1
Currency RMB Margin Financing and Stock Borrowing and Lending Not be allowed to participate in the Mainland's margin trading and securities lending
Price Limit

±10% of previous closing price

±5% of previous closing price for stocks under special treatment

Fees and Levies Handling Fee:0.00487% 
Securities Management Fee:0.002%
Pre-trade Checking EP level Seller stamp Duty:0.1%
Trading Not available for Day (Turnaround) Trading/ Block Trades/ Manual Trades Transfer Fee:0.06%
Portfolio Fee Charged



Investors will only be allowed to trade on the other market on days where both markets are open for trading, and banking services are available in both markets on the corresponding settlement days.

  Mainland China Hong Kong  Shanghai - Hong Kong Stock Connect be allowed for trading?
Day 1 Business Day Business Day Allowed
Day 2 Business Day Business Day Not Allowed

Money Settlement Day

HK market close

Day 3 Business Day Holiday Not Allowed HK market close
Day 4 Holiday Business Day Not Allowed SSE market close
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